How to style your wedding with flowers: Part 3, the reception venue

The style of decorations and varieties of flowers for the wedding reception are normally complementary to the decorations/flowers that were used for the ceremony area, and in the bridal bouquet.

There is such a wide choice of flowers, and styles to work with, that we tend to have a few planning meetings with the wedding couple to ascertain their ideas, personal vision and taste, and then we can advise them what is going to work well for the season, the climate and the venue itself.

For more relaxed settings like a vineyard, or private residences, we have created bespoke pieces that blend in well with the environment,

e.g, floral garlands that run the length of the top table and guest tables, centrally placed bouquets in petit bottles, jars, tea cups and teapots, to tall arrangements that become statement pieces for the party.

For a beach themed wedding party, we arranged an assortment of sea shells filled with sand and flowers.

And for a romantic pink themed reception we decorated a series of candelabras to pay homage to the elegant setting of the venue, an 18th century palace!

Many wedding receptions that are held outside often take place under the shade of a marquee. To fill the space well we have created ceilings filled with wired flowers to create the illusion of a hanging garden.

We are often asked to create something pretty to decorate the cake table, and for some parties, to hang something romantic for the entrance to the reception area, and finally, for a wedding last year, we were asked to create a bouquet of flowers that the groom wanted to give to his new bride before their first reception dance together.

What is important to remember when planning any kind of party or reception is that the event is going to last for three or more hours and therefore it is important to create a lasting impression on each of the guests.

This is why we like to gather precise details from our clients about the event and venue, here are some of the elements that are useful for planning the floral displays: time of year and time of day, the location of the venue, its size and outlook, and how many guests. And from there we can advise our clients what is technically possible. We were asked to come up with a concept for a golf resort wedding reception in the late Autumn of last year.

The resort is stunning but the internal space is quite corporate. The couple had chosen glass table chandeliers for each guest table, that were going to stand on glass tables. The surrounding walls were also glass and we truly felt that the ambience needed softening. For this reason, we created a series of lush table decorations that included a variety of natural elements, including cherries and red currants! The bride and groom were so happy, they felt the decorations really uplifted the atmosphere.

There isn’t space in this blog to do justice to all the floral decorations we have created for weddings and events. But in the weeks and months to come we aim to create a larger portfolio of our work that demonstrates, more comprehensively, what we can create for your special event.

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