How to style your wedding with flowers: Part 2, the ceremony venue

Portgual, especially regions like the Algarve, offers a wide range of traditional and alternative locations for a wedding ceremony; from a relaxed beach location, or an informal garden of a private villa, to the luxury setting of a hotel or resort, or the rustic setting of a farmhouse or vineyard.

Each of these settings can provide something different but the final choice of venue is normally representative of the life style of the bride and groom.

Photograph by Aguiam Wedding Photography Portugal

The style of floral designs for the ceremony and reception is often dependent on the choice of venue. For example, we might suggest traditional pedestals or vases of flowers for a wedding at a luxury hotel,

but for a beach wedding they would probably be unstable and rather too formal. Instead, we might suggest a pergola or an arch decorated with flowers to frame the ceremony area.

Last summer we created some colourful designs for a wedding that took place on a cliff top. Four individual tall flower arrangements were placed side by side to create a wall of flowers. This was a very eye catching backdrop for the ceremony area.

And back in the Spring, we met a couple who wanted a traditional but rather luxurious ceremony and reception. The location was at an 18th century hotel, with its own private chapel and decorated in the rococo style. For the ceremony we filled vases with traditional garden flowers that matched perfectly with the colourful and decorative furnishings.

When we are asked to decorate hotels/resorts or private villas, the design options are influenced by the layout of the grounds and the surfaces. For example, last year, we had to work around the confines of a narrow entrance at a private villa. We had to come up with a bespoke design, built by us, that complemented the contemporary design of the house and garden.

There are so many design options for the ceremony and for this reason we are always happy to listen to the ideas presented to us by the bride and groom.

And from there, we will formulate a concept that incorporates those ideas but at the same time is practical in terms of budget, the season and climate, the location, and varieties of flowers chosen.

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