How to style your wedding with flowers: Part 1, bouquets and button holes

When wedding couples meet us for the first time, several things are normally in place. Firstly, they have booked the ceremony location and the reception venue, and secondly, the bride has most likely chosen her dress. The style and the colour of the dress will have been carefully selected to complement the physique of the bride and her own personal taste.

And the venues are normally selected because they suit the individual style of the couple. We therefore keep those aspects in mind when we have our initial face to face discussion with the couple.

The choice of flowers is sometimes dictated by the seasons. For example, Peonies are a popular choice for a wedding bouquet as they look soft, delicate and romantic. But, they thrive best in the summer season, and out of season they may not survive, or can be difficult to source if the growers have sold all of their summer crop.

Here is a list of discussion points that are normally included in the initial conversations we have with the wedding couple: culture and religion, style of the dress, stature of the wedding couple and their guests, flower varieties and those in season at the time of the wedding, locally grown flowers v’s internationally sourced, colours and textures, sizes of the personal flowers and the climate.

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The colour choices can either contrast or complement the bride’s dress and the groom’s suit. And the size of the bouquet is important too. We wouldn’t for example, suggest one of our larger arrangements, if the bride is quite petite in height. But it’s shape is a very personal choice but could be dictated by the style of the dress. For example, a trailing bouquet, could beautifully complement a dress that is also long and flowing. And of course not every bride wants have a bouquet. We have worked with quite a few brides over the years who have either selected to hold just a few stems of flowers, or they have chosen to wear a hair crown instead.

The bride’s maid bouquets, the button holes for the groom and guests, and the corsages for the mum’s and female guests normally contain elements

of the bridal bouquet.with the former being almost half of the size of the bridal bouquet, and the groom’s button hole may have some additional flourishes so that his stands out from the rest.

We also discuss the varieties of flowers that suit the Algarvian climate. Another important aspect we consider is the culture and the religions of the couple. For example, a Scottish bride and groom were especially proud of their heritage and requested thistles as one element of their floral arrangements; and a Catholic bride asked for a set of rosary beads to be incorporated into her bridal bouquet.

Of course, every couple that we meet is different, and therefore their personal taste is going to be different from other couples we have met. And for this reason we aim to fully understand, from the very beginning, the wishes of the couple and do our very best to make those wishes come true.

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