Behind the scenes at an event at the Garden Cafe Natura

Today we wanted to share with you a few details of what is involved with planning an event such as a wedding or a party.

In our experience, working with people whom we trust and who act as a cohesive team helps tremendously. To illustrate our point we want to share with you a very recent experience of working with the team behind the launch of the Garden Cafe Natura’s new autumn menu.

The team included the staff at the Natura Garden Centre, chefs from the Garden Cafe Natura, a photographer, and two of our floral designers.

In both the pre-planning stages, and the hours of preparation on the day itself, it was essential that each individual team member was moving in the same direction and had a vision of the final objective.

In order to achieve this smooth transition, from the planning to delivery, we all needed to communicate with each other, have good time management, be responsible for clearing up our own mess and have a sense of humour, it really helps if we can laugh at ourselves.

Another quality that really did stand out is the support each team member gave to other members, regardless of their own particular responsibility, e.g. when the hired seating arrived for the ceremony area we all got stuck in to setting out the chairs, clearing the ground space ready for building the wedding arch, and pooling ideas to create the perfect table settings.

The good news – the table settings, our flower creations and the food items looked great, and were much admired. All in all, it was a very successful launch. And yes, the food tasted wonderful too.

A big thanks to the team –

Garden Cafe Natura

Birch Photography

Natura Garden Centre.

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