Planning your Algarve wedding and event flowers

Initial contact

When clients contact us about their wedding, or event, several things are normally in place, i.e. the venue has been booked, and if it is a wedding, the bride has chosen her dress or at least has a good idea of the style she is looking for.

And for this reason, when we have our initial conversation with clients, we aim for an outcome that establishes: the scale, the style, colour palette and the most appropriate flowers for the occasion. Ideally we aim for the first meeting to take place at the venue, or if that isn’t possible we plan a second one.

Site visit to the wedding/event venue

We believe it is essential to visit the event location with our clients, along with the venue’s co-ordinator, so that everyone is clear where the flowers are to be displayed and to verify what is technically possible.

What we do on the first site visit is to literally walk through each of the areas that are to be used for the event. And as we visit each area in turn, we keep in mind the following factors which may dictate what is or isn’t technically possible: weather/temperature, building preservation, the size and height of the room/s, the fabric and level of the ground/floor surfaces, the number of guests, and of course the client’s budget. We bring along a tape measure to calcuate the lengths and heights of key areas to be decorated with flowers, e.g. doorways, ceilings, walkways and aisles, bar counters and dining tables.

Also, we take lots of photographs as a reminder of where the key areas are located. If clients are unable to join us on a site visit we share our findings with them via email or the telephone.

Working with the client’s vision

Our aim is to fulfill the client’s vision as close to the original concept as possible. However if we believe something isn’t going to work we explain why and always come up with a workable alternative. There are various technical points to consider when designing a bespoke piece, e.g. when designing an archway of flowers we need to consider the wind factor, the ground stability, the variety and the weight of flowers.

If the event is to take place in a private villa and residence we also need to consider working with existing structures if creating a temporary structure is impossible; and for venues such as palaces and castles we need to consider preservation issues and need to work around them.

We also aim to maintain an open dialogue and to collaborate efficiently with the organisers of the venue and wedding planners, and other suppliers such as caterers, cake makers, photographers etc. This helps to create a harmonious, seamless and well organised event.

How to get in touch

You can contact us by email,, attaching details of your ideas and images you have discovered. We are also happy to have a conversation via what’s app, messenger or skype.

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