Hair crowns and pomanders

Not everyone loves bouquets and we try to accommodate for all tastes and styles of our wedding clients. Some of our alternative creations for brides, her maids and flowers girls, and female guests are featured in this article.

Hair Crowns

These can be made from a simple garland of Gypsophila to much bolder flowers such as Roses or Gerberas. Some clients require something even simpler like a wrist garland or an ankle braclet; the principle design is the same as a hair crown but on a smaller scale.

Hair crown with Gerberas, Gypsophila, Limonium and Lisianthus.

Hair crown with Delphiniums and Lily of the Valley.

Hair crown with Corn Flowers and Hydrangea petals.

Hair crown with Gypsophila


These can be made from a variety of flowers and look very elegant with a ribbon of satin or silk.

Pomander with Sweet Peas and Lisianthus.

Pomander with Roses and Gypsophila.

Hats decorated with flowers

Hats are a very personal choice but can look very elegant decorated with a few stems of flowers and greenery.

Hat decorated with Freesias and trailing Ivy.

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