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Planning your Algarve wedding and event flowers

Initial contactWhen clients contact us about their wedding, or event, several things are normally in place, i.e. the venue has been booked, and if it is a wedding, the bride has chosen her dress or at least has a good idea of the style she is looking for. And for

Hair crowns and pomanders

Not everyone loves bouquets and we try to accommodate for all tastes and styles of our wedding clients. Some of our alternative creations for brides, her maids and flowers girls, and female guests are featured in this article. Hair Crowns These can be made from a simple garland of Gypsophila

Aguiam Portugal Wedding Photography and Flor Unikon Flowers

Aguiam Portugal wedding photography is the passion of keen photographer, Glória Aguiam, and we had the pleasure of meeting some of her team members at a wedding last year here in the Algarve. We feel that their images really tell a story, and bring out the emotional spirit of an

How to style your wedding with flowers: Part 3, the reception venue

The style of decorations and varieties of flowers for the wedding reception are normally complementary to the decorations/flowers that were used for the ceremony area, and in the bridal bouquet. There is such a wide choice of flowers, and styles to work with, that we tend to have a few

How to style your wedding with flowers: Part 2, the ceremony venue

Portgual, especially regions like the Algarve, offers a wide range of traditional and alternative locations for a wedding ceremony; from a relaxed beach location, or an informal garden of a private villa, to the luxury setting of a hotel or resort, or the rustic setting of a farmhouse or vineyard.

How to style your wedding with flowers: Part 1, bouquets and button holes

When wedding couples meet us for the first time, several things are normally in place. Firstly, they have booked the ceremony location and the reception venue, and secondly, the bride has most likely chosen her dress. The style and the colour of the dress will have been carefully selected to

50th Birthday Party in the Algarve

In this present climate of *social distancing many events for this year have been scaled down to allow more space for guests to be, and feel safe, but at the same still enjoy the company of their family, friends and colleagues. Despite the scaling down, our clients still like the

No one can whistle a symphony: The importance of business collaboration

The title of today’s blog comes from one of our favourite quotes by the Methodist Minister, Halford Edward Luccock, “No one can whistle a symphony, it takes a whole orchestra to play it”. For us, as an independent business, this philosophy is probably more relevant in these *uncertain times. We